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Supermicro 4U Active CPU Heat Sink (2020-03-11 19:40)
The Supermicro 4U Active CPU Heat Sink, which also known as the SNK-P0070APS4. In itself, this Supermicro 4U CPU  Active Heat Sink is a simple unit that keeps things basic. It is built to work and not look pretty. After all, it is designed for use in rack servers. In fact, The Active CPU Heat Sink is designed for Supermicro’s X11 generation general 4U server & workstations, but that doesn’t limit you to them. Of course, you can use it for any system you build in which it will fit ...
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Factors of better heat Sink design (2020-03-03 17:47)
What are Heat Sinks Used For? Heat sinks?are used in electronic equipment and components to provide the auxiliary cooling needed to prevent components from overheating. These components are designed and optimized to ensure that the electronics operate within the temperature range provided by the manufacturer. Factors of heat sink?design 1. Thermal Resistance2. Material3. Shape, Arrangement, Size, and Location of Heat Sink Fins4. Heat Sink Fin Efficiency5. Thermal Interface Mate ...
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Introduction of stamping heat sink (2020-02-24 13:29)
Stamping is the cold extrusion of thin sheet metal forming process, used to make stamping heat sink  sheet metal is mainly copper and aluminum. The stamping fin heat sink is mainly welded by stamed fins and base plate.Difference between stamping heat sinks and laser-cut heat sinksCompared with the stamping process, the cost of laser cutting is not too expensive, about 1 cm /0.005 yuan.Advantages: mainly used for cutting irregular workpiece, small burr, accurate size, low noise,Disadvantages: l ...
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Led Headlight: Which one is better, fan cooling or heat sink cooling? (2020-02-01 10:46)
Fan cooling is the addition of a small fan in the?led heatsinks. When the LED is lit up, the small fan in the tail also works with the LED. Through the fan, the heat of the aluminum seat is released into the air in the form of air convection.LED headlight is sensitive to temperature changes. If the LED is continuously lit at high temperature, it will generate more heat. If there is no heat dissipation, it is easy to reduce the power and its lifespan. To some extent, the lifespan of a headlight i ...
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